Eagle Harbor Art Fair Display

Volunteers from the KCHS at our display at the Eagle Harbor Art Fair.

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The Superior Signal and Other Publications

The Keweenaw County Historical Society publishes the quarterly newsletter "The Superior Signal," which often runs to 20 or 24 pages and is filled with well-illustrated articles on local history. This is a benefit of membership, and is not generally on sale otherwise. Several years ago this newsletter won an award of excellence from the Historical Society of Michigan. In addition the Society has published several books and an educational CD.


Life Saving Book

One of newest publications
describes the boats
used at Eagle Harbor.

Our newest publication, May 2013, was created in conjunction with the Grand Opening of the Eagle Harbor Life-Saving Museum. "Former U.S. Life-Saving Station/Coast Guard Station Eagle Harbor, Description of Assigned Rescue Craft" was compiled by Timothy R. Dring, USNR-Retired. He is a member of the U.S. Life-Saving Service Heritage Association. This 8 1/2 by 11" book contains line drawings, photographs, and descriptions of 16 different types of crafts that were used at the Eagle harbor and/or Portage Life-Saving Stations. The price is $5. Add $2.00 for shipping.

Sesquitennial History Book

A Sesquicentennial

"A Sesquicentennial History of Keweenaw County" was authored by KCHS Board Member Paul Freshwater and published by the KCHS as part of the 150th celebration of Keweenaw County. It is the first publication to present the 150-year history of Keweenaw County, Michigan, from its founding in 1861 through its sesquicentennial year of 2011. This 24 page book is based on a series of articles published in "The Superior Signal" during 2011 and is full of many current and historic photographs. The price is $7. Add $3 for shipping.

Postcard Book

Copper Country

Another book that we have published is "Copper Country Post Cards - A View of the Past From The Keweenaw Peninsula." The author is Nancy Sanderson, a Life member of the Society since the early 1980s. The scenes captured in the nearly 300 postcards, many in color, from Nancy's personal collection give a glimpse of what life was like in the Copper Country in the first half of the twentieth century. The book is hard bound and has a beautiful dust jacket. This is a must have for anyone interested in the history of the Copper Country and a great gift for people with ties to this area. The price is $25. Add $5.00 for shipping.

Miskawbik book


Another book is called "Miskwabik - Red Metal: The Roles Played by Michigan's Copper in Prehistoric North America." This booklet is a reprint of an article by John R. Halsey, the State Archaeologist of Michigan, originally published in "Michigan History Magazine" in 1983, and reprinted by kind permission of the author. It describes the extraction and working of native copper in this region, going back perhaps 5,000 years, and the transport and trading of this copper over a wide area of what is now the eastern U.S. Carefully researched, highly readable, lavishly illustrated, and with extensive footnotes. The price is $4.  Add $2 for shipping.

Lighthouse Book

Kewenaw Lights

For those interested in lighthouses we published "10 Lights: The Lighthouses of the Keweenaw Peninsula." A small informative booklet with a brief history of each of the ten lighthouses of the peninsula, plus a brief historical essay on the development of lighthouses and their lenses over the centuries. Includes charming sketches of four of the local lighthouses, and a map showing the location of all ten. The price is $2.  Add $2  for shipping


Central Mine History

Central Mine history

"Central Mine: Years of Hard Work, Lives of Pain and Hope." focuses on the people who lived at Central Mine and how they made Central a successful copper mine. Central operated in the second half of the nineteenth century and was one of the most important copper mining sites in Keweenaw County. Although many of its buildings are now gone, some remain, and the KCHS acquired 38 acres there with the aim of preserving the social history of the copper mining era. This book has essays on the geology and mining of Central, the Central M.E. Church, the stories of several families that bring that era to life, pictures of remaining buildings, 1870 census details, and more. Very few former mine sites have been kept alive as Central has been, and this fascinating book is eloquent testimony to that. The price is $10. Add $3 for shipping.

Lighthouse Book

Central Mine DVD

Take a virtual walk from the Central Mine Visitor's Center to the restored workers homes, to the town's iconic poor rock pile and the Memorial Garden. "A Tour of Central" is a seven-minute tender look at a long-ago time, with an engaging historical commentary written by Central Summer resident and KCHS Trustee Eloise "Duffy" Liddicoat. The price is $20. Add $4 for shipping.


KCHS Cookbook

KCHS Cookbook

How about a book full of tasty Copper Country recipes? "Keweenaw Kitchen Klips" is full of recipes that you won't want to miss. It took KCHS Trustee Gloria Jackson,who recently, unexpectedly, passed away, more than a year to assemble more than two hundred food favorites representing Keweenaw favorites. This is a must for any Keweenaw kitchen. The cost of the cookbook is $10. Add $4 for shipping.


You may order these items by mail. Mail order and payment to:
Keweenaw County Historical Society
670 Lighthouse Road , Eagle Harbor
Mohawk MI 49950