Members and visitors at an open house at
the Central Mine Visitor's Center.

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All of the KCHS Museums are closed for the 2013 season. We will post the 2014 schedule of activities in the spring.
Check the Sites and Museum Schedule page for hours and locations for all 11 KCHS museums for the past 2013 season.

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The KCHS has a very healthy membership base - there are 1,075 individual members, many of whom are Life members. This is eloquent testimony to how gripping the history of our area is! Our members take active roles in many events, such as the Central Mine Open House pictured above. It is also eloquent validation of the work that our volunteers have done to create and nurture a dynamic historical society for the smallest county in Michigan. Without our members, the Society would shrivel up and disappear, so we are very grateful for every new and renewing member. Please join us!

Print this form, and mail it with your check to:
Keweenaw County Historical Society
670 Lighthouse Road
Eagle Harbor MI 49950

Membership Mail-In Form

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Select a membership category:
Historian $30 per year
Copper Miner $50 per year
Lightkeeper $75 or more per year
Life $500 or more

If you spend part of the year elsewhere, tell us where and what months:
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Members automatically receive the award-winning quarterly newsletter, "The Superior Signal," and free entry to our museums.